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About the Communicator

The Communicator is the official publication of the New York State Public Employees Federation. Distributed to members via email, The Communicator is published monthly, except for January and August.

The Communicator welcomes letters to the editor about union issues and events relevant to PEF’s diverse membership. All letters are subject to editing for space, fairness and good taste. Please type your letters, keep them brief (up to 250 words), and include your name and phone number for verification. Send letters to: The Communicator, PEF, P.O. Box 12414, Albany, N.Y. 12212-2414 or email to:

Advertising in this publication does not represent an endorsement by PEF or its members. Members wishing to change their non-work email address, please visit this page.

PEF is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO & Service Employees International Union.


Executive Editor: Rob Merrill

Editor: Kate Stickles

Graphic Artist: Curtis Canham

Junior Graphic Artist: Lauryn Schrom

Communications Coordinator: Kristina Willbrant