The following PEF members have reported a need for leave donations due to the need for medical treatment or recuperation from illness or injury.

Donations are made from annual leave and donors must retain at least 10 days of annual leave after donating.  To donate leave, obtain a leave-donation form from your personnel or human resources office and submit it to that office.  You may donate leave to employees at both the agency where you work and to those working at other state agencies.

To help facilitate donations, we list an HR contact number for each person needing donations on the list below.

  • Diane Aleksandrowicz is a nurse 2 at Rochester Psychiatric Center. Call 585-241-1900;
  • Edward Carey is a supervising computer operator at the state Office of Information Technology Services in Albany. Call 518-457-4272;
  • Carol Christiansen is a teaching and research center nurse 2 at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse. Call 315-464-4943;
  • Lisa Colbert is an infection control nurse at Sunmount Developmental Disabilities Services Office in Tupper Lake. Call 518-359-4158;
  • Kendra Delorme is a nurse 2 psychiatric at St Lawrence Psychiatric Center and assigned to St. Lawrence Alcohol Treatment Center in Ogdensburg. Call 315-541-2001;
  • Eddie Lorenzo is a public health field services representative trainee 1 in Central Islip. Call 518-457-4272;
  • Jaquaia Reid is a licensed social worker 2 at Bronx Psychiatric Center in New York City. Call 929-348-4024; and
  • Lydia Seales-Fuller is a nurse 2 psychiatric at Hutchings Psychiatric Center in Syracuse. Call 315-426-3600

The rules for making and receiving leave donations (such as leave recipients may not have had any disciplinary actions or unsatisfactory performance evaluations within their last three years of state employment) are set forth on pages 181 and 182 of the 2016-19 PS&T Contract.  If you, or a PEF member you know, need leave donations because of a medical issue, you may contact The Communicator to request publication of that need.  Send requests to, or call 518 396-8201.  Be sure to provide your contact information.