September 5, 2023 — The following PEF members have reported a need for leave donations due to the need for medical treatment or recuperation from illness or injury.

Donations are made from annual leave and donors must retain at least 10 days of annual leave after donating. To donate leave, obtain a leave-donation form from your personnel or human resources office and submit it to that office. You may donate leave to employees at both the agency where you work and to those working at other state agencies.

    • LaShon Boyd is an habilitation specialist 1 at the Metro Developmental Disabilities Services Office in Manhattan.
    • Gloria Broadbent is an instructor at the School for the Deaf in Rome.  
    • Rhonda Carroll-Eldridge is a dairy products specialist 1 at the Department of Agriculture and Markets in Steuben County. 
    • Brian Cellery is an information technology specialist 3 at the Office of Information Technology Services in Albany. 
    • Megan Dolan is a vulnerable persons protection specialist 2 at the Justice Center in Delmar. 
    • Kimberly Ernst-Harris is a supervising offender rehabilitation coordinator at the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision central office in Albany. 
    • Heather Farthing is a registered nurse 2 at Capital District Psychiatric Center in Albany. 
    • Sally Fontana is social work supervisor 1, LCSW at Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center in Utica. 
    • Cherie Griffin is a taxpayer services specialist 2 at the state Department of Taxation and Finance in Albany. 
    • Rishona Haynes is a registered nurse 1 at SUNY Stony Brook on Long Island. 
    • Drina Holden is a senior certification analyst at the state Department of Economic Development in Manhattan. 
    • Tammi Holtslander-Camp Sr. Is an occupational therapist at Greater Binghamton Health Center in Binghamton. 
    • Joann Loeber is a financial services examiner 4 at the state Department of Financial Services in New York City. 
    • Cassondra Mascaro is a gender violence prevention specialist 1 at the state Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence in Albany.  
    • Roxeen Mundy is an information technology specialist 2 at the state Office of Information Technology Services in Albany. 
    • Melissa Pine is an underwriter 1 at the state Insurance Fund in White Plains. 
    • John Reed is licensed master social worker 2 at Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center in Saugerties. 
    • Darlene (Gemma) Rose is an employment counselor for the state Labor Department in Amsterdam. 
    • Marcus Smith is a health program administrator at the Department of Health in Albany. 
    • Kevin Valazza is a teacher 4 at Wende Correctional Facility in Alden. 
    • Laquita White is a real estate specialist 1 at the state Transportation Department in Buffalo. 
    • Caitlin Wilkens is a research scientist 2 at the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision main office in Albany. 

The rules for making and receiving leave donations (such as leave recipients may not have had any disciplinary actions or unsatisfactory performance evaluations within their last three years of state employment) are set forth on pages 189 and 190 of the 2019-23 PS&T Contract. If you, or a PEF member you know, need leave donations because of a medical issue, you may contact The Communicator to request publication of that need. Send requests to, or call 800-342-4306, ext. 271. Be sure to provide your contact information.