The PEF $600 Higher Education Differential is coming soon!February 20, 2024 — The Office of the State Comptroller is out with news that PEF members have been waiting for: The $600 Higher Education Differential that PEF negotiated in your current contract with the State is set to be paid soon! Members will see the money added to their paychecks on April 24, May 2 or May 8, depending on your payroll.

This is a first-of-its-kind benefit for PEF members that the union negotiated to recognize the professional nature of the jobs PEF members perform. In order to receive it, PEF members must hold a qualifying degree (Associate’s or higher) or a professional license issued by the State Education Department. Your agency human resource office will notify you how to submit such proof, but we estimate that the vast majority of PEF members will qualify. Part-time employees or those paid on other than an annual salaried basis will receive a prorated amount. Please contract your HR office with any questions.