Justin Lammerts

A retired PEF Region 8 member needs y our help finding a kidney donor for his son.

Ron Lammerts was a principle capital program analyst for the state Department of Transportation when he retired from state service in 2016.  His son, Justin, is 36 and is a former New York State employee and member of the Civil Service Employees Association.

Justin Lammerts was born with a heart defect and received a heart transplant at age 12 but the medications he must take to protect the transplanted heart have been gradually damaging both of his kidneys over the ensuing 24 years.  Now his kidneys are failing and he is expected to begin dialysis soon, but the heart transplant will make that process more challenging for him.  So far, four potential donors including a close family member, have all been ruled out, so the family is casting a wider net in its urgent search to find a donor for Justin.

“I am endeavoring to find organizations or people from other areas who are aligned with civic or social clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, Lions or others that could post our flyer soliciting a kidney donor,” Ron Lammerts said.  You also can help spread the word by sharing this information on your social media accounts and with your family and friends.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in donating a kidney to Justin Lammerts, please call the Duke Health Transplant Center, Living Donor Program at 919-613-7777 or 800-249-5864.