By Communicator Editor

Hey PEF, back your parole officers

To the Editor:

As many in the state may, or may not know, our job (of parole officer) is currently under siege by politicians and knee-jerk legislation.

As NYS parole officers, we are tasked with the supervision of violent felons upon their release from state prison facilities.  We work long hours and often find ourselves in dangerous situations.

Since March of last year, our job duties, discretion and power have been slowly eroded.  There is now legislation awaiting the governor’s signature that would, in Layman’s terms, make it almost impossible to take these people out of the community when they are found in violation of supervision conditions.

While there were many rallies, signs and outcry for those on the inside, our union did nothing to attempt to garner support in our ranks and have our voices heard.  Instead, we were subject to the victory lap of the new contact by our leadership.

I ask. PEF, where are you?


Editor’s note: The writer is mistaken in assuming that PEF has done nothing to oppose the Less Is More legislation that Gov. Kathy Hochul has signed into law. PEF always has strongly opposed this and other bills in the Legislature and on the governor’s desk that undermine the authority of parole officers and their ability to shepherd parolees while always protecting the safety of the public.  PEF has repeatedly and vigorously lobbied and testified on these issues. 


What about retro pay for retirees?

To the Editor:

I retired from the NYS Office of Mental Health  effective 4/1/2021 and I’m wondering what the process is for retirees who are due retroactive  pay now that PEF has settled the PS&T contract.   

Since I am  no longer on the “payroll,” but receiving retirement benefits, I assume I will not receive the retroactive pay when the active employees receive theirs in November.

Thank you for your help.

Rome, NY

Editor’s Note: The Office of the State Comptroller will calculate retroactive pay due to former state PS&T employees who retired from state service after the 2016-19 contract expired April 1, 2019.  The OSC also will calculate if that retroactive pay affected the retiree’s final average salary and the OSC will adjust the retiree’s pension accordingly.  The OSC will begin this process for retirees after it completes making retroactive payments to current PS&T employees in November.  Retirees do not need to request or apply to receive their retroactive pay or the adjustment to their pension.


Support mask mandate

To the Editor:

PEF should support the mask mandate, not oppose it.

New York


Defend my right to live

To the Editor:

Once again, why are you, my union, defending people who will be endangering my health and life?

If I have to work with a partner, or sit next to a co-worker who refuses to be vaccinated, I expect my union to protect MY rights to live and be healthy. Please stop defending these uninformed and, in my opinion, lazy people.

Their right to die and get sick should not infringe on my right to live and be healthy.  Do I have a right to drink and drive?  If I disagree with that law, would the union defend my rights?  No, because it is a danger to myself and others.

There is no excuse, except a proven true medical excuse, for not being vaccinated.

As a union member, I want you to defend my right to live, rather than their non-existent rights to kill me or make me ill. This type of union activity is not why I stayed a union member. This is not a benefit for membership.  Please rethink your stance on mandatory vaccination.


Glen Cove

Editor’s Note:  PEF is obligated by law, by contract and by the PEF constitution to defend its members’ rights to due process protections against discipline and termination.  The union also is obligated to negotiate the effect, such as loss of job and loss of license to practice, that the vaccination and testing mandates may have on PEF members.  The union is continuously working to protect the on-the-job health and safety of every member.


PEF should support mandating vaccine

To the Editor:

Support the vaccine mandate.



Get vax, go to work

To the Editor:

If your job requires that you get a vaccine, get the vaccine. This is required at all hospitals and nursing homes.

And all of these people wanting to stay home, and work from home is ridiculous. You can’t go to work because you have asthma and high blood pressure?  Seriously?  Stop all of this madness.



Why is COVID still top PEF concern?

To the Editor

Why? I am vaccinated!

However in the 1918 epidemic there was no vaccine and no media or UNIONS to spread fear! Within two years it disappeared!  Consider that before spreading fear!