By Communicator Editor

Stop enabling non-vaxers 

To the Editor:

Barring a true medical reason (rare), any of the nurses that don’t get vaccinated deserve to get fired.  Stop enabling them.



Are there exceptions to vaccination mandate? 

To the Editor:

I am a bit confused.  There is no religious exemption in New York.  I did not think there was a medical one either.  Are you saying they are being accepted?


Editor’s note: Members may apply for Reasonable Accommodations to the vaccine mandates, either religious or medical, via their agency HR or personnel office. PEF created three fact sheets related to the various vaccine and/or testing mandates. Click the date for the one that applies to you: Sept. 27 vaccine mandate for patient-facing healthcare workers, Oct. 14 vaccine/test mandate for executive agencies, Nov. 1 vaccine/test mandate for certain OMH employees.


PEF should sue NYS 

To the Editor:

This is flipping outrageous!  Why isn’t PEF suing or getting a restraining order like other unions, instead of patting itself on the back for allowing its members to get disciplined on the path to their termination?

Ballston Spa

Editor’s Note:PEF filed an improper practice charge with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) in response to the OMH mandate that was imposed without negotiations with PEF. We also filed an application for injunctive relief, seeking authorization from PERB to proceed to court to seek an injunction that would prohibit OMH from implementing its vaccine mandate until the improper practice charge was resolved by PERB. We submitted an affidavit and exhibits, arguing that PEF was likely to prevail in its improper practice charge and that some members would be irreparably harmed by the vaccine mandate. Unfortunately, PERB’s Counsel concluded that OMH’s mission and core function of protecting the health of patients would likely render the mandate a “recognized managerial prerogative” and, accordingly, OMH had no duty to negotiate over the decision to mandate vaccination. We are continuing to pursue the improper practice charge and have a pre-hearing conference scheduled before the assigned administrative law judge on November 10, 2021.


Will tuition be reimbursed? 

To the Editor:

I know the new contract is supposed to include retroactive tuition reimbursement.  If I am fired due to the vaccination mandate am I still able to get my retroactive reimbursement from the 2020/2021 school year leading up to my termination?

Mt. Sinai, NY

Editor’s note: Yes.  Contractual reimbursement will apply for the period you are or were a member of the PS&T bargaining unit as long as the class started and ended while you were employed in the PS&T unit.


Will promotion cancel retro pay? 

To the Editor:

I recently became an M/C employee this year.  Prior to that, I have been a PEF member.

Am I still eligible for the retro pay for work prior to my title change?

Jamaica, NY

Editor’s Note: Yes. Contractual benefits apply for as long as you are or were a member of the PS&T bargaining unit.