How do you apply for license reimbursement?

To the Editor: I paid for my nursing license in 2021 and I understand we can get reimbursed. How can I make this happen?


Editor’s Note: This is one of the new benefits that was negotiated in the present contract. All members, including those at SUNY, who are covered under the PS&T contract are eligible to apply for license renewal fee reimbursement if the license is one that they must have in order to continue working in their NYS title. The program is called the Certification and License Renewal Fee Reimburseme nt (CLRFR) Program. The link to the full guidelines as well as the application form can be found at: On the right side of the page is a red box. Select it and then scroll to the bottom of the page to find all the information about how to apply.

Do more to oppose parole changes

To the Editor: As I write this, it’s January 4. Tomorrow, the governor gives her state of the state address at the capital. Although I’ve seen there will be many rallies and voices trying to be heard, our union will be nowhere to be found. New York State parole has been gutted this past year by this administration. Tomorrow would’ve been ideal to stage a rally to voice our opposition, not only against the disaster that is “Less is More,” but also to defend against the increasing pro-criminal agenda by our state government.

We are a rudderless ship with this union. It is an embarrassment.


Editor’s note: PEF has been very outspoken against ‘Less is More’ before the law was signed and in the interim before it is enacted next month. The union held rallies outside Rikers and in Rochester and is planning more actions this year. Please read the October 2021 issue of The Communicator for a comprehensive summary of what PEF has done.  One of the union’s budget priorities calls for hiring 500 additional parole officers to handle the increased caseload that now averages 40 parolees per officer. Public safety should always be the state’s top priority.