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Second Amazon facility eyes unionizing

After the successful union organizing campaign at the JFK8 warehouse on Staten Island, the warehouse across the street, LDJ5, is following in their coworkers’ footsteps. About 1,500 eligible workers in the second plant began voting April 25. Amazon has historically spent millions of dollars to fight unionization efforts and continues to contest the JFK8 win. 

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Starbucks’ baristas voting for union in droves

Across the United States, baristas at Starbucks are tired of how they are treated and ready to fight back. Unionization efforts, according to the New York Times, have been successful in at least 16 stores as of April 8. Since the Workers United union secured its first two victories, workers at more than 175 other stores in at least 25 states have filed for union elections. There are about 9,000 corporate-owned Starbucks stores in the U.S. 

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Apple stores jump on the unionizing bandwagon

Union organizers at an Apple store in Atlanta credit the unionization efforts of the Bessemer, Ala., Amazon warehouse as inspiration to bring a union into the store in Cumberland Mall.  

Over 70 percent of the store’s 107 eligible employees signed union cards. If successful, it would be the first unionized Apple location. 

In New York, employees at the Grand Central Terminal Store revealed they have begun the process of collecting signatures to file for a union election with Workers United. 

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Legendary movie house Film Forum files for union

The unionization efforts continue in the film industry, with Greenwich Village movie house Film Forum filing a petition for a union election to join United Auto Workers Local 2110. The local represents unions at Barnard College, the Bronx Museum of Arts, the ACLU, HarperCollins and Columbia University. 

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Why are so many workplaces seeking union representation? 

Yahoo Finance takes a look at why so many workplaces in the tech and retail world have been filing for union elections – a big difference from historical industries, like coal, mining and auto mobile manufacturing. 

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