Report on more labor-related legal issues

To The Editor:  I have been a snowbird for several years now and have noticed how easily former civil service employees forget where their retirement benefits came from.

I respectfully request that The Communicator report on U.S. Supreme Court cases that have had an impact on unions and labor conditions in general. Also important is that our membership be made aware of NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) actions and directives.

PEF members need to be aware of who is buttering their bread, now and into retirement.

Venice, FL

Editor’s Note:  The NLRB deals with private-sector labor issues.  The NYS Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) hears public-sector labor cases in New York.

Represent all PEF members

To the Editor:  A lot of great things happening if you are a nurse.

I think the other agencies within PEF are forgotten about, such as DOT and DOL.

We are a union.  Fight for all of us and try talking about other PEF members and what you are doing for us.

Maybe some of us should consider leaving the union and finding one that cares. Kind of like what parole officers are doing.  They want out and want in a union that is going to protect them.

I listen to your town hall calls and I all I hear is “NURSES BENEFITS.”

Treat us like a UNION!!!


Editor’s Note:  PEF does represent all of its members, not just nurses who are the union’s single largest job title group.  As noted in the Executive Board report in this issue of The Communicator, PEF is currently working to address the needs of its members at the state Labor Department who are in provisional, hourly positions and have found it difficult to become permanent state employees.

Members who have issues they want PEF to address should talk to their steward or field representative. If you don’t know who your field rep is, call the union at (800) 342-4306 and they can look it up based on your agency and location. Members with story ideas for The Communicator may send them to