New Emergency Pension Relief law 

To the Editor:  With all the various media outlets that we rely on for the news, it is often the case that important news gets lost in the mix.  On March 11, 2021, the president signed the Butch Lewis Emergency Pension Relief Act of 2021.  This act offers a helping hand to those who have had their pensions reduced or cut off through no fault of their own.  

The Butch Lewis Act has the endorsement of the Teamsters Union, the United Steelworkers Union, the IBEW, and AARP.  

Venice, FL 


Questions endorsement  choices

To the Editor:  I would think that you wouldn’t want someone like Hochul as our governor.  Why keep going down this same path, letting criminals back out on the streets to commit more evil?  

Don’t you people see how bad the economy is?  I just don’t understand why you keep wanting these evil doers in our government.   


Editor’s note:  The PEF Political Action Committees in every one of the union’s 12 regions and the PEF statewide PAC recommended the Hochul endorsement.  It was passed without dissent by the PEF Executive Board.  The union supports her for governor because of the way she responded to PEF’s issues and arguments, especially regarding funding for state services and employees in the current state budget.