Family Photo outside six flags

August 12, 2022 — SuPEF Membership Benefits Logommer is a time for families to get together and enjoy fun-filled adventures.  Members of PEF and PEF Retirees are no exception and they responded enthusiastically when the union’s Membership Benefits Program offered discounted tickets to three Family Day events this summer. 

“We went to Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George and had such a great time!” said Christy Jaromack of Saratoga Springs.  “It was fantastic!” 

That event was held August 6 and Jaromack was one of more than 600 PEF members and retirees who, together, bought more than 2,800 tickets for that day from MBP.   

A total of 496 members bought nearly 3,000 tickets to the Six Flags Great Adventure Family Day July 9, and 367 more bought just over 1,800 tickets for the Six Flags Darien Lake Family Day July 23. 

MBP heard from numerous happy members on social media who took the time to thank the organization for offering the events. 

PEF Region 7 Coordinator Barbara Stransky posted: “Great day!!!  Thank you, PEF MBP for all your hard work for our members.  We appreciate you!”   

Greg Carman of Utica wrote: “We had a great time today!  Thank you, PEF Membership Benefits Program.”   

“These positive comments from members mean so much to us,” said MBP Administrator Stephanie McLean-Beathley.  “Knowing that they and their families really enjoyed these events makes the planning and work we put into them worthwhile.” 

Not only did the tickets admit members and their families into the parks at discounted prices, they also provided free parking, a buffet lunch and more. 

“Our MBP vendors also participated,” Beathley said.  “Liberty Mutual Insurance, Farmers GroupSelect, SunLife, Stacey Braun Associates, Inc. and Aflac all sent representatives to the Family Day events to answer questions about their products and services.” 

Altogether, 1,468 members of PEF and PEF Retirees took advantage of the discounts to buy a total of 7,562 tickets for themselves and their families.   

“That’s great participation,” said PEF President Wayne Spence.  “Unions are mainly about making our working lives better, but families matter too, and this is just a wonderful way to celebrate together.  I join our members in commending MBP for offering them this great and very affordable opportunity.” 

Family Fun Days Photo Collage