Interested in scholarships

To the Editor:  I am a PEF member, and I am interested in speaking with someone about PEF scholarships. Please provide contact information so I may call them.


Editor’s Note: Here is a link to information about scholarships on the PEF website:  In addition, we typically publish information in The Communicator about scholarships in our combined December-January issue. 

Sign a new contract with the state

To the Editor:  CSEA already signed its contract with the state.  What is the status of the PEF contract?  PEF needs to sign the contract.

Stony Brook

Editor’s note:  The contract between CSEA and the state is not the same as PEF’s contract with the state, and CSEA’s previous contract expired. PEF’s has not. 

The current PEF contract with the state will expire April 1, 2023.  PEF will have its first meeting with the state Office of Employee Relations next month (November) regarding a new contract. 

The current PEF contract has 50 articles and is 258 pages long.  Most provisions of the current contract will remain in effect until a new contract agreement is reached and ratified by PEF members.  You can review the 2019-2023 PEF contract with the state here: