Contract questions 

Are we going to be entitled to the $3,000 bonus like CSEA members received? 

With the recent increase in cost of living in counties close to the city, could we include members who work in Sullivan County in the Mid-Hudson adjustment? The cost of living mirrors or exceeds Orange County, which is included in the adjustment. 

Rick Ellis
Middletown, NY 

Editor’s Note: The $3,000 CSEA members received was a signing bonus CSEA negotiated in its 2021-2026 contract. PEF is still in the beginning stages of negotiations for a successor agreement to your 2019-2023 contract, which is in effect through April 1, 2023. The Contract Team began meeting with the State in November and will work hard to get you the best contract possible. The Contract Team is also looking to improve several areas of the contract, including location pay. Contract negotiation updates will be published in The Communicator and posted at 

Chief Judge candidate 

As it is, forming and keeping unions is an uphill battle. If Judge LaSalle is anti-union as the Wall Street Journal contends in their editorial published on January 13, 2023, his name should be withdrawn from consideration as Chief Judge. 

Tony DiCarlo
Venice, Florida