HeroineFebruary 17, 2023 — During Women’s History month each March, PEF recognizes and celebrates members who have demonstrated significant accomplishments or leadership and have excelled and served as a role model to peers. 

Women’s History Month was established by Congress in 1987 to address the fact that, “the role of American women in history has been consistently overlooked and undervalued in the body of American history” and that to remedy this “the President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such month with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” (Public Law 110-9)  

Nominees for PEF Heroines should demonstrate strength in at least one of these areas: 

  • Leadership 
  • Service and community engagement 
  • Key characteristics of a leader 
  • Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion 
  • Continued support of union values 

All current PEF members may nominate PEF Heroines. Nominations will be accepted until March 31.  The first 100 nominees will receive a Rosie the Riveter button and certificate. The winners and nominees will be announced in the April issue of the PEF Communicator. Winners and members who nominated them will be notified of the results.​​ 

Click here to submit a nomination.