Commuter Benefits Poster
March 20, 2023 — Do you drive to work and park in a lot or garage not operated by New York State?  Thanks to PEF’s 2019-2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement, you can now set aside pre-tax funds to help offset the cost of that parking. PEF members on the Joint Multi-Union Work Life Services Advisory Board played a lead role in securing the benefit. 

The benefit will be added to the NYS-RIDE program and the vendor administering the program, Edenred, will email all current NYS-RIDE participants this week with complete details. The maximum amount you can have deducted from your paycheck before taxes is $300. Payroll deductions for the parking benefit are expected to begin in late April or early May and the benefit will be available for use in June.  Members with questions should visit this NYS-RIDE web page or consult their HR or personnel office. The New York State Office of Employee Relations also released this promotional poster about the benefit.

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