PEF Deserves a Fair ContractMay 3, 2023 —

With a majority of PEF and the state’s proposals now on the table, contract negotiations on a successor PS&T agreement are moving forward and PEF is urging the state to pick up the pace even more.

“Our team is ready and willing to pick up the pace of negotiations and we hope the state will begin to engage in talks with more intensity,” she said. “We look forward to earnest discussions on economic and non-economic proposals, including across-the-board wage increases and telecommuting, during the next round of negotiations. We are committed to continuing to work with the
state at a steady pace, so we get the contract that the members deserve in a timely manner.”

On April 13 and 14, the team had productive discussions on continuing various programs after expiration of the contract, such as Article 15 tuition reimbursement, Paid Parental Leave, and improvements to the Productivity Enhancement Program.

“We wanted to address Article 15 so that members don’t have to stop their educational programs due to uncertainty about whether the program will be retroactive,” said PEF Vice President and Contract Team Chair Darlene. “We also had positive conversations about Paid Parental Leave and improvements to the Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP), which allows members to exchange certain accruals for a reduction in health insurance premiums.”  

While these conversations have been good, the state has not gone so far as to accept these proposals, Williams said.

The next negotiating sessions are set for May 16 and 17.