PEF Special ElectionApril 18, 2023 — Petitioning for the April Special Election is under way – now’s your chance to take part in the business of the union and help shape PEF’s future by seeking election to the Executive Board. 

There are 11 Executive Board seats up for election:     

    • Seat 1, Agriculture & Markets 
    • Seat 15, Civil Service
    • Seat 90, Higher Education Services Corporation
    • Seat 101, SUNY Stonybrook
    • Seat 104, SUNY Stonybrook
    • Seat 172, ITS
    • Seat 173, ITS
    • Seat 290, OPWDD
    • Seat 295, OMH
    • Seat 395, OMH/OPWDD
    • Seat 545, Political Subdivisions of NYS  

Petitioning began April 10 and ends May 2.  

“If you’ve ever wanted to have more of a voice in your union, Executive Board is a great opportunity to shape the policies and agenda of PEF,” said President Wayne Spence. “By giving members from all our agencies a seat at the table, we ensure that the needs of all members are met.” 

After the petitions are collected and eligible candidates are determined, ballots will be mailed May 23 and must be returned by June 14. Petitions are available at