Article 15 Leadership Development Header


May 3, 2023 — The Office of Employee Relations (OER), in accordance with Article 15 in the PEF Collective Bargaining Agreement, is offering a Leadership Development Program (LDP) for employees in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (PS&T) Unit at Grade 23 and above. The program provides employees with the skills to lead in the New York State government.  

The LDP will have two separate sessions for employees to choose from. Session one is made up of seven full-day classroom trainings. Session one is in-person in Albany. Session two is 14 half-day virtual trainings, about three and a half hours each. Proper equipment, like a webcam and microphone, is required to attend the online training. Additionally, each session will have an orientation and graduation date. Both sessions will also see participants complete a job-related project, targeted at improving performance for the employee and the unit. Projects will vary per applicant. 

Session one runs from August 15-18 and September 19-22, with December 1 as graduation day. Session two runs from August 18-30, October 23-31 and November 2-7, with graduation on January 9, 2024. 

The goal of the LDP is for those PS&T employees at grade 23 or above who supervise or manage in their work, to develop skills in goal setting, team building, employee development and more.  

The sessions will cover: 

    • The Mindset of a Professional Manager and Leader
    • Project Management: A Framework for Today’s Environment
    • Creative Problem Solving and Innovation
    • Non-technical Skills for Leaders
    • Practical Applications of Leadership Perspectives

Participants are expected to complete all assignments and attend all training days, including the orientation and graduation. Likewise, completion of the job-related project and evaluation surveys are required. OER commits to allowing participants to attend these training days without having to use their personal time or leave accruals. 

Those interested will need to complete and sign this application as well as obtain signatures from a supervisor and the head of the agency. Applicants may also seek the recommendation of a PEF representative. The deadline for applications is May 19, 2023, and should be sent to the LDP Selection Committee at 

Selections for the program will be made by June 23, 2023, and selected participants will be notified soon after.