PEF Membership Benefits

August 18, 2023 — PEF Membership Benefits Program (PEF MBP) is offering a chance for members to enroll or increase their insurance coverage for Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability and Group Term Life during a Modified Open Enrollment period. 

The Modified Open Enrollment period is for a limited time, September 1 through October 31, when active members will have the chance to make these changes or add any of the insurances needed. The insurances offered are in partnership with Sun Life. Members will be able to take advantage of this period with no medical questions asked.  

Members enrolling in Short-Term Disability may elect coverage up to $400 weekly. Members who are already enrolled can increase coverage up to $700 based upon the current coverage you are enrolled in. For Long-Term Disability, newly enrolled members will be able to elect up to 50% of their current monthly income up to $7,500 a month. Members who are already enrolled will be able to increase their coverage up to 60% of their monthly income. 

For Group Term Life insurance, new enrollees may start their coverage at $20,000 or 1 times their basic annual earnings. Members already enrolled may increase coverage up by one level up to 5 times their basic annual earnings, up to $600,000. Additionally, coverage for spouses/domestic partners and children is also available during this timeframe. 

New York State Civil Service employees are not eligible for the New York State Disability Benefits Law Coverage, often meaning that employees must look for outside coverage for their disability.  

For more information about Sun Life, MBP’s Insurances or the Modified Open Enrollment visit the MBP Website or call: (800) 767-1840 or (518) 785-1900, ext. 243, option 2