Performance Award The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) has released Payroll Bulletin 2211 providing for payment of the April 2024 Performance Awards (also known as Lump Sum Longevity Payments) for PEF members who are eligible.

Per the 2023-2026 PEF/State Agreement, the five-year performance award payment is $1,500, the 10-year payment is $3,000, and the 15-year payment is $4,500. The April 2024 performance awards are based on years at top of salary grade.  Next year’s April 2025 performance awards will be based on years of State service instead of years at top of salary grade.

The Office of the State Comptroller will process this payment via direct deposit. For employees who do not have direct deposit, this payment will be processed in a separate check. Members on the Institution Payroll will receive payment on April 18, 2024. Those on the Administration Payroll will be paid April 24, 2024.

Please direct any questions about the payment schedule or eligibility to your PEF Field Representative.