Region 3 Legislative Breakfast CrestMarch 18, 2024 — PEF Region 3 welcomed nearly a dozen State lawmakers to the regional office in Rochester on March 16 for a Legislative Breakfast.  About 90 PEF members from a dozen State agencies attended to hear from Senators and Assemblymembers. The annual tradition is a chance for lawmakers to speak directly with PEF members, elected PEF leaders and the Region 3 Political Action Committee. PEF budget priorities are discussed, which this year include amending Tier 6 of the State pension plan in order to better attract and retain employees, as well as defining workplace bullying so that managers and staff can be trained to recognize it and put a stop to it. PEF thanks the following lawmakers for attending: Assemblymembers Harry Bronson, Marjorie Byrnes, Jeff Gallahan, Josh Jensen, Jen Lunsford, Brian Manktelow, and Demond Meeks, as well as State Senators Samra Brouk, Jeremy Cooney, and Pam Helming. 

If you haven’t written your local lawmakers yet about PEF’s budget priorities, please visit this page and do it this week! 

Image grid highlighting the Region 3 Legislative Breakfast